Group 3 What are they going to do?

A group dedicated to the knowledge and conservation of the area’s biodiversity. One of their favourite species is the barn owl.

Depending on their own areas of interest, these Education students  will create games and activities that can be useful for other groups.

A group of 17- year-old students interested in learning about GREFA´S Biological Control of Voles Project. They will do a workshop about owl pellets and how to obteain information from them.

Future educators who, drawing inspiration from the project’s activities, will create educational resources aimed at kindergarten teachers and students.

The centre is located close to the Esgueva River, so the theme will be about the river, the nature associated with it, its state of conservation, etc.

A group of volunteers, trainees and staff who want to promote the return of wildlife to the Garrigue area in the best possible conditions. In particular, the Laroque Wildlife Hospital looks after European squirrels and Little owls, among others. After training at the hospital, the participants will prepare shelters, feeding places and nesting boxes suitable for these animals. They will be placed on the Nicoleau land in Brissac, and create a discovery tour of the facilities.

This organic farming support group is working to create a ‘Garden of Possibilities’, a natural oasis in an arid area, including a traditional stone drinking trough for sheep. They will create a tool to monitor and identify the species present.

These Landscape Management students will show us how wildlife can be taken into account in the development of green spaces: wine production, experimental orchards, diversified crops (olives, almond trees, apple trees, etc.).