Get to know the projects of Group 1

They would like to work on the theme of biodiversity in his immediate environment: pollinating insects, insect hotels and a novel idea “the bird hugger”.

A school that brings together pupils from several agricultural villages so they are going to work on the landscape, crops and the biodiversity associated with them.

School in Valladolid. The aim is to learn about biodiversity and build insect shelters.

“Dead wood, manure, compost… What a vital space!”

At the Campet Organic Farm they will observe and identify the hosts of manure, soil, old stumps and compost and understand who does what and why it is important to protect them.

“The kids and the sheep in Cèvennes”

At Serre de Clastre, a sheep farm in the Cévennes National Park, they will get to know the shepherd, the sheep, the agropastoral activity, the transhumance… and they will study the importance of a grazing flock, its impact on the surrounding landscape/flora and fauna and the difficulties involved in this work.

“Batman to the rescue of the vineyard!”

At Domaine du Mas Brunet, a centre for organic viticulture, they will explore the vinyards and the cellar. A project to raise awareness of bats, which keep the insects that damage the vines at bay, and to install shelters for them.

“In the water”

They will visit the lake at Attuech to learn about aquatic ecosystems and its relationship with the outside world.
They will follow the beaver trail. They will also meet a local wine grower who will tell them about the importance of water to vineyards.