What are the plans of Group 2?

They will focus on the the theme biological control of pests focusing on nest boxes and chick development .

The school’s annual project will work on insectivorous birds focusing on Common House Martins, birds that nest all over the school grounds.

They are going to work on the protected steppe birds that live in their surroundings: Montagu’s Harrier and Lesser Kestrel.

They will adapt a piece of land next to the school. First, they will make an inventory of the plants and small animals present, then they will create a garden to welcome biodiversity: shelters, an insect hotel, feeding troughs, etc. The garden will be a demonstration area for the parents of the neighbouring school.

They will get to know the wildlife present on the different farms: nurseries, gardens, orchards, etc. The hedgehog as an ambassador of healthy biodiversity. They will discover the life of hedgehogs and release some specimens near the farms. They will learn how to follow the animals as they move around the garden: photographic tracking and making a tunnel with footprints. They will create a discovery trail that will lead people around the farms on open days.

“Of mice and goats”

They will consider how to limit the presence of small mammals on livestock farms. They will learn about the different aspects of goat farming in the St Martin of London area: goats, cheese, cereals, mice… and their feeding troughs.